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Yoga with kids

Uppdaterat: 24 okt. 2018

When you are staying at home with kids, (especially when younger than 6 months) it is not very easy to get away to a yoga class in a nice and calm yoga centre with candles, trendy fitting, all possible kinds of bolsters to get you comfy and last but not least, nobody to disturb your moment of peace. Nevertheless, doing yoga and meditating is my anchor to well being and that calm and patience that is needed with kids.

This is me sitting in easy pose before the era of two kids, when we had only one and he would nap between noon and 2 pm. It was predictable and convenient. Now, it is very rare that both of them sleep at the same time, except at night, but then I need to sleep as well unfortunately.

So, the solution for me is to do yoga at home. Sometimes if my hubby is at home and it's weekend, I run a few kilometers first and then stretch and do yoga and meditate. Otherwise, I just start doing my yoga and let the kids hang out/play around me or join in if they want. It is about staying with my practice through the hurdles, although it will not be like I had planned. It may well turn into a funny game for my son and he will start playing with me, pretending I am a horse when I do cat and cow. Yes, it is funny too :) I need to be very flexible (in my head) and not get hung up on results and ideas. Being with kids teaches you to let go of expectations and start flowing instead. Because kids flow, all the time. They are in a constant flow.

This picture series very clearly shows what can happen when doing yoga with kids/kids around. Like I mentioned, the lessons you learn may not always be the ones you intended to learn. Life will give you what you need, not what you want. Learn to surrender to the wisdom of the universe and open your heart to the teachings that are available through everyday situations.

I do get angry, frustrated and tired as a mother but running, yoga and meditation helps me keep my calm and let go of unnecessary stress. And learning to be more flexible and detached to the outcome of our activities also helps in many other situations of life. This is why I love doing yoga with my kids even if they bang a balloon in my head ;)



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