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"YOU mean the world to us. Without you, there would be no receiver, no mirror, no experience."

Jordero means Earth Peace in Swedish. Our vision is to gather everyone who shares our longing for Jordero into a big loving community where we can co-create, co-operate and co-exist both physically and mentally, whether near or far in distance.


Want to support our work? 

By supporting us monthly or one time with an amount of money of your choice, you will be a special member of our tribe. We are still in the very beginning of our creating all the gifts and services we want to provide to the world and your contribution helps us continue creating and rowing what we can offer.


So, if you love our work and want more you can donate any chosen amount through Paypal. 








We look forward to welcome you to our tribe and work together for love and peace. We are all drops in the same ocean. Let´s make more love to the whole world!


Linda & Caspar

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