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Infinite Peace Meditation - Love and Acceptance

Infinite Peace Meditation - Love and Acceptance

149,00 krPris

About the meditation

This is a guided meditation with focus on the heart chakra. The meditation is fully guided and you can simply relax and follow the guiding voice as you move though the meditation. You will be guided by a female voice and the meditation includes music and visualisation to move you to a vibration of expanded love and compassion for yourself and others. 


You will be fully guided in and out of the meditation and after the session you will be fully charged and ready for your next activity. However, we recommend that you allow yourself some time before and after the session to adjust and slowly phase in and out of the exercise. Please make sure that you are in a comfortable space and that you may be undisturbed for 20 min in total - to allow some time before and after. We recommend that you can lie down or sit comfortably in the same position for the full session until the guided movements at the end.


Guide: Linda Swahn

Length: 15 min

Chakra: Anahatha (Heart Chakra)

Language: English

File format: MP3


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